“The Woman Who Ran Away”   Based on a True Story

(Formerly “We’ll Always Have Paris”)

Have you ever wanted to run away? Have you ever wondered what if things had happened differently in your past? Would you go back and change your life? Imagine you could. Juliet has the chance to change her life and she decides to take it. But there is a price to pay. Is it too costly?

What readers had to say:          

                “Fantastic story you won’t be able to put down”
                “Really good read, great story, couldn’t put it down”

Formerly released as “We’ll Always Have Paris”

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Chapter One, The Woman Who Ran Away – free download

“Juliet” -“Alex and Juliet Series” – Book Two    A struggle for survival and a quest for love

Continue Juliet’s story in this book, which tells of her indefatigable struggle to survive and find true love. As usual Juliet tells her story as it is, warts and all and brutally honest with a dark sense of humour. Be prepared for some revelations and twists of fate as Juliet grows and becomes her own person. There will be tears and laughter along the way, but where will her journey lead her. Will she find true love and happiness with Alex?

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“Paris Revisited” – “Alex and Juliet Series” – Book Three Join Alex and Juliet as they return to Paris

Will the star-crossed lovers finally find true happiness together? Join them in the third book of the series which takes them to France and to Paris again.

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“Rinse and Repeat”  Issy has something that Simon wants and Simon has something Issy needs, but then along comes Marceau…

Issy 28 is bored, broke and single since her boyfriend ran off with her best friend Chloe. With no food in the fridge, an apartment she can’t afford and her credit cards maxed out, Issy has no idea what to do, until Simon the boring accountant at work throws her a lifeline. Issy hatches a  deliciously wicked plan and soon her fortunes change. Find out where her journey takes her.

Out now on Amazon  in Kindle and Paperback – click on the book cover to buy now