About Joanne

Joanne was an avid reader from an early age and would devour a book in a night (there was no social media back then). It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that Joanne decided to write that book she had been thinking about for years. Based on Joanne’s own turbulent love life, her first book was ‘We’ll Always Have Paris’ later re named ‘The Woman Who Ran Away’. This is book one of the Alex and Juliet series and there are presently three available.

“I think we all want the perfect love that is why we read so many romance books. I know I never tire of a good love story, even if life isn’t always perfect.”

Joanne has a penchant for hats and a collection of berets that embarrass her youngest daughter but that are so useful in the winter when she is out walking the family labrador.

When she is not writing, Joanne has six children and four grandchildren to keep her busy. Thankfully cooking is one of her hobbies. She also likes to ‘have a go’ at painting seascapes and she has a fondness for dramatic skies.

“I have finally found something that I love doing and I have no intention of stopping writing. I love it.” Says Joanne, who is always working on a new project.