New Book out soon and Giveaway + competition

Hello Everyone, I thought you all needed cheering up so I have organised a little something for free for those of you who love reading romance, so read on.

Visit my ‘Giveaways’ page on my website ( or sign up on my professional facebook page) as I am doing a freebie promotion in exchange for your email address. Also if you sign up now you are automatically entered into a competition to win a signed copy of the ‘X-rated version of ‘The Woman Who Ran Away’ (there are three copies to be won). The closing date is the 30th June, so don’t forget to sign up soon.

Also if you are on my mailing list you get to know the gossip first about what is going on in my world of books and what I am working on, release dates, special offers and promotions, so it is worth signing for that (you can of course unsubscribe at any time).

I am pleased to tell you that my new book will be out soon. “Sleepless Nights at the Chateau,” and I have something very special in mind for that, but it is all top secret at the moment so you will have to wait and see. It really is a Summer read and there will be a sequel afterwards as this is part of a series that I envisage that will go on a while. I have received good feedback on it so far from my beta readers.


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