Happy New Year

Hello Peeps. I have to tell you that I have ambitious plans for this year. Not only am I going to put out Book Four in the Alex and Juliet Series, I aim to write and publish five other books, but at least four. I am currently over half the way through ‘Adventures in France’ and I am aiming for publishing the first week in February.

Then I am turning my attention to a book I have had in mind for a while on a guide to internet dating for ladies. It will be called ‘Swimming with Sharks’ and I think that will be a very interesting and funny read.

Then I am going to publish a cook book, which will be called “Juliet’s Cookbook, Cooking for those you love,” and will feature a lot of Juliet’s favourite recipes in there. I have been nagged by my children to publish this one now for the past twelve months, so I had better buckle down and do it.

And finally I have a couple of ideas for other books, but I am not going to give too much away here, suffice to say that the one will be about a male stripper and will be very naughty indeed. The final book is a mere twinkle in my eye at the moment so I will keep that under wraps. Of course my plans could be subject to change, but I will however be publishing the fourth book in the Alex and Juliet Series soon. Looking forward to handing it over to my Beta Readers to see what they think. And a reminder to any of you ladies out there if you want to be a Beta reader then please get in touch.

Love Jo xxx


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