Back to work

Hello, I have really struggled to get back into any reading, that was, until I read “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time” over the weekend. I know you are all thinking, “what, that is not a romance novel?” and you’re right, it is not, but it is a very moving book. Us writers have eclectic tastes. I loved Mark Haddon’s writing so much I am now racing through, ” A Spot of Bother,” which I have to say has me laughing out loud. It is just the perfect observation of middle aged life, and in particular, the middle aged man.

However, all this has made me want to get back to writing, and although I have been toying with numerous books that I want to write, I think I have settled on one in particular. The theme, is going to be one, that ladies of a ‘certain age’ will be familiar. I will say no more than that at the moment, and leave you all in suspense. TTFN Jo x


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