The House

Hello Everyone, this is a very exciting time for me. In just over two weeks time I shall be going to Brittany, France to spend the summer helping to renovate a house. At the moment, the house is sound, but there is no running water, minimal electricity and no form of heating. There is also no bathroom! However, daunting that may sound, I am not at all put off, because it is absolutely glorious. The house is in the countryside and has six acres of its own. It is located near to a river and I am looking forward to living in the countryside, something I have always loved. I am also looking forward to practising my french language skills on the unsuspecting locals, so get ready for some hilarious moments as I stumble my way along. I shall be doing regular blog posts, so you will all know how the progress is going. The first task I shall be getting to grips with on my arrival, is preparing the fireplace for the log burning stove to be installed, and that means laying tiles in the hearth. But more on that when I get there. TTFN Jo x

The meadow in front of the house. In other words, the garden, which will be graced with my sunlounger very soon, once I have mown it.

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