Hello and Good Evening Peeps.

I have to apologise. Self publishing is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination, and book one was riddled with mistakes. To all of you who purchased the early editions, I apologise. It took a one star review on Goodreads for me to ask why? After all, so many people loved the book. The answer was quite simple, it had been poorly edited.

Now, anyone with money would pay someone to edit their books. But this would cost 600 to 1000 pounds. Something, which I cannot afford. So I have spent the last three weeks going through the first book and re-editing it. I shall do the same with the others. But, for the person who bought it on Kindle a few days ago, and for those of you who have the early edition, I can only apologise. Steep learning curve, as with everyting else in my life.



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