Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

Well ladies, and ,yes, I am addressing this to all you ladies out there. I wish you all a Happy Christmas. We are the backbone of family life and this is ever more apparent at Christmas.

Right now, we are stressed. Run ragged, shopping for gifts, shopping for food, cleaning the house frantically, wrapping presents. Why is it that when I was young, I loved wrapping presents, now I feel it is the most onerous task in the world? And men, don’t understand why we are tetchy and volatile!

Well ladies, at some time over this festive period. Cut yourself some slack. Shut yourself away, have a bath, lie on the bed, have a glass of bubbly or whatever does it for you, and chill out. Be alone and gather your thoughts, because you ladies, are worth it, and breathe a sigh of relief that you won’t have to go through it again for another year.

Just remember, Mary gave birth in a stable when some bloke(s) made her travel to Bethlehem when she was 9 months pregnant and then her inept husband hadn’t booked a room in advance. Says it all really, nothing has changed much in over two thousand years!

Love to you all.



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