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Hello Everyone

Well I am back to writing W’ell Always Have Paris II. I have written three chapters over the past twenty four hours. Sometimes I just don’t feel the flow and I have to stop. It is not always easy and I have had to dig deep into my memory for this sequel, there are little anecdotes and nuances that you forget, but so far I am up to 68k words. Chapter 23. I always keep a notebook to add certain things I think of after I have written.

When I write, it is a process of spitting the story out onto the page and keep going till I run out of steam. Then it is a question of reading and re-reading. If I leave it for a while, I have to read it all over again. As you can imagine that process leaves me feeling too familiar with my work and I get quite bored of it. So thank you to Sue for reading the first few chapters (in their raw state), and giving me encouragement to pick it up again. It is nice to know that I am on the right track, as it were.

As for reading. I have read Somerset Maughan’s “Theatre” this week. Thoroughly enjoyable story about an actress who falls for a younger man. You certainly wouldn’t think it had been written by a man and nearly eighty years ago into the bargain. What I loved about it the most is the character voice when she is thinking to herself. Reminds me of Juliet.




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