Well, I don’t know about you, but I get really frustrated at times with the amount of tasks I set myself to do and then do not achieve them. It would be great if I was by myself without distractions and could achieve all of the things I set out to do. Or would it? Mostly it is family that comes to distract me. Some crisis or something that needs my attention.

Last night I was supposed to create an Instagram post (according to my self imposed marketing schedule), but guess what? I was needed to give support and lend an ear and my Instagram post went on the back burner. Low and behold, this morning, my phone had a “brain freeze” and would not spring into life, so the Instagram had to wait.

But would I be without them? Not one bit. I love them dearly. I just have to work a bit harder and smarter that is all, to allow for life’s little difficulties. Next life, I am coming back as a man, it seems a hell of a lot simpler.



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