Saturday Evening

Well good evening to you all,

Here I am, yet again, sitting home on a Saturday night, but I don’t care. It is dark and cold out there and I don’t wish to go out. I do hate the winter, I am a Summer girl, give me warm days and balmy nights and I am a happy bunny. Still C’est La Vie. I have my writing and my newly delivered book, Harraps “Rude French” to keep me occupied. For those of you who don’t know, I am trying to get back my French that I  learnt at school. I can understand why I was so crap at it first time around, the teacher was poor and I was not trying hard enough to learn the rules! Still practise for 15 minutes a day is helping. Just wish there were some native French speakers around to help me. If you know of any then let me know please, although I will promise not to speak “rude french” with them.

I am still busy with the sequel to We’ll Always Have Paris, and I making good progress, but I don’t think it will be out by Christmas, I need to finish it first and then it has to be polished.

Wishing you all a lovely relaxing saturday evening.

Love Jo x


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