Back to writing WAHP II

Hello All

Well for all the fans of We’ll Always Have Paris, you will be pleased to know that after a six week break I am back to writing the sequel. I am up to 50k words now and it is going well. This is a turbulent book, but there are some spectacularly funny scenes in there that will make you laugh out loud, I finished writing one yesterday afternoon and I can assure you they are really true, although you may think they are far-fetched when you read them. I was chuckling over the scene yesterday afternoon myself.

I have finished Cider with Rose by Laurie Lee and it was a lovely read. I started Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh on Sunday evening and I picked it up again last night, but I don’t think it is a book I shall read, and that it unusual for me as I can usually stick with a book in the hope it gets better, but I am just not feeling it with this one.

The dreaded C word is fast approaching, and I have done very little shopping yet. Looks like Amazon will have to come to the rescue.



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