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I am not entirely sure what I am going to do with this, but I am getting the hang of social media and if I can make a downloadable link on my site then I am sure I can get the hang of blogging. Please enjoy the free sample, and if you like it remember that there is a link on the social media footer to buy your book. Be quick if you want a first edition though, as I edited my proof copy over the weekend and I shall soon be editing it and the second edition will be out on Amazon very soon. Love Jo x TTFN

Well hello to you all who have read “We’ll Always Have Paris”. I have to let you know that my second book entitled “Rinse and Repeat” will be out soon. It is a lighthearted tale which will have you laughing along with Issy as she stumbles her way through affairs of the heart in her search for true love. It is a much shorter book than my first and in a slightly different mood. It is a “stand alone” novel that has nothing to do with my first. But all of you who have asked for a sequel to “We’ll Always Have Paris” can be safe in the knowledge that I will start writing it soon. And, hold on to your hats, because it will be a powerfully dark work. Love Jo x TTFN




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